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Verac's brassard is melee armour worn on the chest and is part of Verac's equipment. To wear Verac's brassard, a player must have 70 Defence. Like all Barrows equipment, Verac's brassard cannot be made using the Smithing skill.

If Verac's brassard is worn with all other parts of Verac's equipment, there is a chance that successful attacks will hit through an opponent's Defence and Prayer. This ability can be used to cause high amounts of damage. Verac's brassard is only tradeable when either undamaged or fully broken. Dropping this item in un-noted form it will instantly degrade it to "0".

Verac's brassard offers significantly less melee and ranged protection than Guthan, Torag and Dharok's platebodies (which all have equal stats). Because of this, Verac's brassard is rarely seen being used outside of the full set, because it incurs the same repair cost as the Barrows platebodies. However, Verac's brassard does not penalise ranged and magic attack bonuses nearly as much as regular melee armour.


Barrows equipment degrades as it is used. Equipment received from the Barrows minigame is fully repaired and can be used for 15 hours of combat until it degrades completely and requires repair before it can be used again. Barrows armour degrades even if the player is using protection prayers or not taking damage. Unlike the crystal shield and crystal bow, Barrows equipment does not suffer in performance as it degrades from fully repaired to fully degraded. Fully repaired Barrows items start out with no numbers in their names, e.g. Verac's brassard. It will become Verac's brassard 100 the first time it's used in combat. Eventually it will degrade to Verac's brassard 75, then 50, then 25 and finally 0 at which point the armour will be unusable until repaired. Additionally, Barrows equipment may only be traded if fully repaired or fully degraded.

When dropped or lost on death, any piece of Barrows equipment will automatically degrade to 0. Players who attempt to drop Barrows equipment will receive a warning message about this.

There are two ways to repair Barrows armour. Players can talk to any of the NPCs listed below and they will repair the items for a price, or repair the pieces themselves using an armour stand in any player-owned house. The equipment can be repaired at any stage, and the cost will be adjusted according to how much it has degraded. The repair costs below are as if the equipment has fully degraded.

The following NPCs can repair the armour:

Costs to repair
barrows equipment
NPC POH Armour Stand
Level 1 Smithing Level 99 Smithing
Helm 60,000 59,700 30,300
Body 90,000 89,550 45,450
Legs 80,000 79,600 40,400
Weapon 100,000 99,500 50,500
Total 330,000 328,350 166,650
The price is exactly 50% when operating a Smithing cape.

Enter your smithing level here to calculate how much it would cost to repair the Verac's brassard on an Armour stand:

template = Barrows repair/calc
form = repairForm
result = repairResult
param = price||90000|hidden
param = level|Smithing Level (1-105)|1|int|1-105