This article is about Barrows brother Verac the Defiled. For his armour set, see Verac the Defiled's equipment.

Verac the Defiled is the youngest of the six Barrows brothers. Verac's crypt is located to the north-west of the Barrows area. He uses melee equipment, which make him vulnerable to Magic attacks. Verac's set effect is Defiler, which gives him a 25% chance per attack to ignore Defence, armour bonuses and protection prayers.

Despite being able to hit through Protect from Melee, it is still recommended as it negates on average 75% of his attacks and when the set effect does activate, lowers his max hit from 23 to 15. He attacks using a flail, so armour defensive against crush is advised if not using Protect from Melee and taking hits from Verac. He can be seen as one the most tedious Barrows brothers to deal with since he is the only brother who cannot be alleviated solely by protection prayers, possibly requiring food too.

Verac is commonly defeated with the use of a trident of the swamp/seas, Iban Blast or Magic Dart. Players can also use Entangle or Ice spells on Verac to attack him from a distance. 


  • Unlike a player using his equipment, a purple aura does not appear when his set effect activates.

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