Vesta's spear is a 2-handed weapon exclusive to Deadman seasonals, requiring 78 Attack to wield. It is part of Vesta's equipment, a set of Ancient Warriors' equipment, and is dropped by any monster found in the Wilderness as part of a global loot table, the chance being relative to the combat level of the monster.

Special attack

The Vesta's spear special attack, Spear Wall, costs 50% of the wielder's special attack energy. Upon use the wielder becomes immune to melee attacks for 8 game cycles and the spear will damage all targets within 8 tiles surrounding the player. Outside of multicombat zones, only one target is damaged. This special attack can hit a maximum of 16 targets at once.

Combat styles

CombatStyles spear.png Combat style Type Experience
Lunge Stab Shared
Swipe Slash Shared
Pound Crush Shared
Block Stab Defence and Hitpoints


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