Vigroy is the cart driver that transports you to northern Brimhaven after you complete the Shilo Village quest. He can be found west of the bank in Shilo Village. He runs one end of the Shilo Village cart system that transports players between Shilo Village and Brimhaven for a fee with the other end ran by his brother, Hajedy.

Cart system

The Shilo Village cart system can only be accessed after completion of the Shilo Village quest.

The transport cost is based on the amount of coins in your inventory (~5% of what you're holding), varying from 10 to 200 coins. It's worth noting that the fee will always be 200 coins if using the quick-travel 'Pay-fare' option.


  • He appears to be wearing a white plague jacket.
  • In the dialogue, he "urges the horses on," but there are no horses visible here or anywhere else in RuneScape.
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