Commendation points are rewards from Pest Control. They can be traded in for a variety of things, including combat experience, Void Knight equipment and various other items. Players cannot have more than 4000 points at a time.


  • Experience in any combat skill that is equal to or greater than level 25. The formula is the following: , where equals level; equals 18 for prayer, 32 for magic/range, and 35 for all others. Ceiling means round up to the nearest integer (whole number). The experience this generates is summarised below. The amounts below are awarded per commendation point traded in.
  • When turning in points for experience, spending points in groups of 10 will grant a 1% bonus to the amount of experience you gain. When spending in groups of 100, the bonus increases to 10%.


Level Attack icon.png Strength icon.png Defence icon.png Hitpoints icon.png Ranged icon.png Magic icon.png Prayer icon.png
1 25-34 35xp 32xp 18xp
1 35-42 70xp 64xp 36xp
1 43-48 105xp 96xp 54xp
1 49-54 140xp 128xp 72xp
1 55-59 175xp 160xp 90xp
1 60-64 210xp 192xp 108xp
1 65-69 245xp 224xp 126xp
1 70-73 280xp 256xp 144xp
1 74-77 315xp 288xp 162xp
1 78-81 350xp 320xp 180xp
1 82-84 385xp 352xp 198xp
1 85-88 420xp 384xp 216xp
1 89-91 455xp 416xp 234xp
1 92-94 490xp 448xp 252xp
1 95-97 525xp 480xp 270xp
1 98-99 560xp 512xp 288xp

Void Knight equipment

Item Cost Description

Void knight mace.png

Void Knight mace 250 Has the ability to auto-cast Claws of Guthix spell.

Not required for the Void set effect.

Void knight top.png Void knight top 250 Required for the Void set effect.

Void knight robe.png

Void knight robe 250 Required for the Void set effect.

Void knight gloves.png

Void knight gloves 150 Required for the Void set effect.

Void melee helm.png

Void melee helm 200 Void set effect of +10% Melee accuracy and +10% melee damage.

Void mage helm.png

Void mage helm 200 Void set effect of +45% magic accuracy.

Void ranger helm.png

Void ranger helm 200 Void set effect +10% ranged accuracy and +10% ranged damage (12.5% if you have elite void).

Void seal.png

Void seal 10 Operate in a Pest Control game to inflict 10 points of damage to surrounding pests.*

Worn in the amulet slot.

  • The Void Knight Seal ability cannot be used outside of Pest Control.
  • Damage inflicted by a seal does not contribute towards the activity bar requirement in Pest Control games.

This amulet has 8 charges and will crumble to dust when depleted.

Elite void top.png Elite void top 200 Provides +3 prayer bonus and an additional 2.5% damage boost to both the range and mage sets. Requires the respective Void knight piece and completion of the Hard Western Provinces Diary.
Elite void robe.png Elite void robe 200
  • There is a requirement of 42 Attack, Strength, Hitpoints, Ranged, Defence and Magic, as well as 22 Prayer to use any Void item.
  • A complete set of void equipment (all armour, helms, seal and mace) will cost 1510 points.
  • A set of Void armour with one special helm will cost 850 points.
  • A complete set of elite void armour (all armour pieces and helms) will cost 1650 points.

Herb pack

Herb.png Pack contains an assortment of Grimy herbs. -30 Points

For example, a pack may contain: 2 Harralander, 3 Ranarr, 1 Toadflax, 3 Irit, 4 Avantoe and 2 Kwuarm.

Also note that the amounts are randomized. This is just an average.

  • You need level 25 in Herblore to purchase this.

Mineral pack

Coal.png Pack commonly contains 25 Coal, 18 Iron ore. -15 points

Seed pack

Marigold seed 5.png Pack commonly contains 3 sweetcorn seeds, 6 tomato seeds and 2 limpwurt seeds. -15 points

  • You need level 25 in farming to purchase this.
Note: Rarely, it has been found that you can obtain Magic and Yew seeds.

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