The void seal is a piece of Void Knight equipment reward in the Pest Control activity. It can be bought from a Void Knight for 10 commendation points, although a player must have at least 42 Attack, Strength, Defence, Hitpoints, along with 22 Prayer to buy and wield one. This item is worn in the amulet spot. The seal, when the player clicks the 'operate' function, will inflict about 10 hitpoints of damage upon nearby Pests. The seal has eight charges. Once its 8 charges are used, it dissolves. It can only be utilised in Pest Control games, and is useless in normal combat except for the bonus. Most people consider the seal not worth buying. In addition, when the seal is wielded when entering a castle wars portal, the player will be turned into a rabbit while in the waiting of Saradomin or an imp for Zamorak.

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