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Not to be confused with Sulphur.

Volcanic sulphur detail.png

Volcanic sulphur is a material that can be found in the sulphur mine on the northern side of the Lovakengj House in Great Kourend, It requires level 42 Mining to obtain and grants 25 Mining experience, and is used in the creation of dynamite for Blast Mining.

Using volcanic sulphur along with juniper charcoal, saltpetre, and a pot will create a dynamite pot, which is then added with a ball of wool to create dynamite.

While mining in the sulphur mine, players should wear some form of face protection (face mask, gas mask or slayer helmet), as without them, gas clouds can deal large amounts of damage to unprotected players. If a player wears a form of protection against them the damage taken is reduced by roughly 80%.


  • A glitch existed where players who died with 26 or more volcanic sulphur in their inventory lost all untradeable items they had on them, such as the graceful outfit or slayer helmet, as the sulphur was prioritised over everything else they had. This was fixed in an update on 16 March 2016 so that volcanic sulphur is always destroyed on death.
  • To achieve 100% Lovakengj favour approximately 3,804 volcanic sulphur must be mined.
  • It takes exactly 824 Sulphur to get 30% Lovakengj favour.