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Vorkath's head (mounted) chathead.png

A mounted Vorkath's head can be built in the head trophy hotspot of the Skill Hall in a player-owned house. Upon building it, players will receive 1,103 Construction experience as well as 200 Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic and Ranged experience.

Players can only get Vorkath's head by killing Vorkath until it drops Vorkath's head. Players must then take the head to the Taxidermist in Canifis, who will stuff it for 50,000 coins. Once mounted however, the head cannot be reclaimed. If players remove the mounted head, they will receive nothing back.


  • Player: A defeated dragon is a good dragon.
  • Vorkath: With the power of my 3 legs, I will get my revenge.
  • Player: Sorry to tell you this... but you don't even have 3 legs now, you're a head.
  • Vorkath: Who do I have to blame for this?
  • If the house owner is talking to the head:
    • Player: Erm... about that.
    • Now seems like a good time to run...
  • If a guest is talking to the head:
    • Player: You should probably talk to <player name> about that.