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Vyrewatch chathead

The Vyrewatch are the vampyric vanguard that receive blood tithes from the population of Morytania and suppress any resistance to the Drakan overlords. They patrol the skies as both soldiers and lords of Meiyerditch and ask any human, including the player, that catches their attention for a blood tithe. If the player refuses he may distract the vyrewatch to escape the tithe, be forced to give a tithe (dealing about 6 damage), be sent to the mines, or engage in combat.

Vyrewatch are immune to all weapons, except for the Ivandis flail. Efaritay's aid does not work against Vyrewatch.



Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Vampyre dust Vampyre dust 1 Always 339


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Rune dagger Rune dagger 1 Uncommon 4,448  
Mithril axe Mithril axe 1 Uncommon 223  


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Rune platelegs Rune platelegs 1 Uncommon 37,888
Rune full helm Rune full helm 1 Uncommon 20,583  
Adamant platelegs Adamant platelegs 1 Common 3,514
Adamant platebody Adamant platebody 1 Common 9,487    


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Death rune Death rune 4–50 Common 972–12,150
Blood rune Blood rune 4–50 Uncommon 1,564–19,550
Nature rune Nature rune 7–20 Uncommon 2,002–5,720
Adamant arrow 5 Adamant arrow 10–16 Uncommon 600–960
Rune javelin Rune javelin 9–13 Rare 1,107–1,599
Opal bolt tips 5 Opal bolt tips 6–7 Rare 54–63
Pearl bolt tips 5 Pearl bolt tips 5 Rare 165
Emerald bolt tips 5 Emerald bolt tips 6 Rare 336
Onyx bolt tips 5 Onyx bolt tips 4 Rare 32,952
Amethyst bolt tips 5 Amethyst bolt tips 10 Rare 2,300


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Coins 1000 Coins 500–1,000 Common Not sold
Adamantite ore Adamantite ore 1 Uncommon 1,017
Coal Coal 6 Uncommon 954
Runite bar Runite bar 1 Uncommon 12,522
Mort myre fungus Mort myre fungus 2 Uncommon 1,392
Potato seed 5 Potato seed 4 Uncommon 4
Mushroom spore 5 Mushroom spore 1 Uncommon 32
Yew logs Yew logs 4 Uncommon 716
Bark Bark 6–10 Uncommon 642–1,070
Clue scroll (hard) Clue scroll (hard) 1 Rare Not sold

Rare drop table

In addition to the drops above, this monster has access to the standard rare drop table.
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Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Coins 1000 Coins 3,000 Rare Not sold
Loop half of key Loop half of key 1 Rare 9,855
Tooth half of key Tooth half of key 1 Rare 9,529
Uncut sapphire Uncut sapphire 1 Rare 445
Runite bar Runite bar 1 Rare 12,522
Rare drop table talisman Unknown talisman
(please specify)
1 Very rare Error
Nature rune Nature rune 67 Very rare 19,162
Rune 2h sword Rune 2h sword 1 Very rare 37,760
Rune battleaxe Rune battleaxe 1 Very rare 24,467
Uncut emerald Uncut emerald 1 Very rare 676
Law rune Law rune 45 Very rare 9,180
Death rune Death rune 45 Very rare 10,935
Steel arrow 5 Steel arrow 150 Very rare 4,950
Rune arrow 5 Rune arrow 42 Very rare 3,024
Adamant javelin Adamant javelin 20 Very rare 900
Rune sq shield Rune sq shield 1 Very rare 22,532
Dragonstone Dragonstone 1 Very rare 12,022
Silver ore Silver ore 100 (noted) Very rare 6,800
Uncut ruby Uncut ruby 1 Very rare 1,312
Rune kiteshield Rune kiteshield 1 Very rare 32,095
Dragon med helm Dragon med helm 1 Very rare 58,828
Rune spear Rune spear 1 Very rare 11,966
Shield left half Shield left half 1 Very rare 65,573
Dragon spear Dragon spear 1 Very rare 37,805
Uncut diamond Uncut diamond 1 Very rare 2,733
Rune javelin Rune javelin 5 Very rare 615

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