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The '''Vyrewatch outfit''' is a set of clothing resembling that of the [[Vyrewatch]], who patrol the city of [[Meiyerditch]] in [[Morytania]]. A player who wears it is less likely to be caught by the patrolling Vyrewatch to pay a blood tithe (or alternatively get sent to the [[Meiyerditch Mine|mines]] if the player has made enough progress in the [[Darkness of Hallowvale|Darkness of Hallowale]] quest). The outfit can be bought from [[Trader Sven]] in the south of Meiyerditch. The [[citizen outfit]] is a less effective alternative, but is cheaper.
[[File:Vyrewatch outfit (male) equipped.png|thumb|A player wearing the vyrewatch outfit.]]
The Vyrewatch outfit consists of:
* [[Vyrewatch top]]
* [[Vyrewatch legs]]
* [[Vyrewatch shoes]]
{{Darkness of Hallowvale}}
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