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Wally is one of Varrock's most famous heroes. When the powerful demon Delrith attempted to destroy the city, Wally narrowly managed to defeat him with the sword Silverlight in the 19th year of the Fifth Age, 150 years ago. He died sometime after but his greatness has never been forgotten.

Sir Prysin is his great grandson and is currently in possession of Silverlight.


  • Wally's helmet, which he is said to have worn when he battled Delrith, is displayed at the Outpost near Ardougne after completion of the Making History quest. During the Demon Slayer quest, when a cutscene shows Wally defeat Delrith, he is not wearing a helmet. This was most likely just an oversight by Jagex.
  • Although Wally is visible in a cutscene during the Demon Slayer quest, he has no examine option.
  • Wally holds Silverlight as a two-handed weapon, unlike the player.

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