Water Blast is a medium level water spell. It requires a Magic level of 47 as well as 3 water runes, 3 air runes, and 1 death rune to cast.


Spell cost
3Water rune3Air rune1Death rune224
Combo runes
3Water rune1Death rune3Dust rune221
3Air rune1Death rune3Mud rune848
3Water rune1Death rune3Smoke rune437
3Air rune1Death rune3Steam rune404
1Death rune3Mist rune485
3Air rune1Death runeStaff of water209
3Water rune1Death runeStaff of air209
1Death runeMist battlestaff194
3Air rune1Death runeKodai wand209
3Water rune1Death runeDust battlestaff209
3Air rune1Death runeMud battlestaff209
3Air rune1Death runeSteam battlestaff209
3Water rune1Death runeSmoke battlestaff209

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