Water Wave is the second strongest water spell and requires a Magic level of 65 to cast. This spell requires 1 blood rune, 7 water runes and 5 air runes to cast. Without boosts, the maximum damage of Water Wave is 18.


Spell cost
7Water rune5Air rune1Blood rune420
Combo runes
7Water rune1Blood rune5Dust rune415
5Air rune1Blood rune7Mud rune2,093
7Water rune1Blood rune5Smoke rune750
5Air rune1Blood rune7Steam rune868
1Blood rune7Mist rune1,501
5Air rune1Blood runeStaff of water392
7Water rune1Blood runeStaff of air395
1Blood runeMist battlestaff367
5Air rune1Blood runeKodai wand392
7Water rune1Blood runeDust battlestaff395
5Air rune1Blood runeMud battlestaff392
5Air rune1Blood runeSteam battlestaff392
7Water rune1Blood runeSmoke battlestaff395

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