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Water rune detail.png

The Water rune is one of the 4 basic elemental runes that are used in a variety of spells. A staff of water, water battlestaff, kodai wand, or mud battlestaff can also be equipped to provide infinite water runes. Water runes are used in conjunction with body runes and earth runes to cast the Confuse, Weaken, and Curse spells, often regarded as an inexpensive source of Magic experience. They are sold at Aubury's Rune Shop and Betty's Magic Emporium.

Players with at least 5 Runecrafting can craft their own water runes by using a rune essence or a pure essence with the water altar, south of Lumbridge in the swamps, earning 6 Runecrafting experience each. Each essence yields one water rune, two at level 19, three at level 38, four at level 57, five at level 76, and six at level 95. Water runes are also commonly dropped by many monsters around the world.

They can also be purchased from the Nightmare Zone, using 25 reward points.

Spells requiring Water rune

The spells that require water runes to cast are shown below:

  1. Confuse
  2. Water Strike
  3. Lvl-1 Enchant, Sapphire Bolt Enchanting
  4. Weaken
  5. Bones to Bananas
  6. Curse
  7. Bind
  8. Water Bolt
  9. Enchant Crossbow Bolt
  10. Falador Teleport
  11. Water Blast
  12. Snare
  13. Ardougne Teleport
  14. Charge Water Orb
  15. Bones to Peaches
  16. Teleport to Ape Atoll
  17. Water Wave
  18. Vulnerability
  19. Lvl-5 Enchant
  20. Enfeeble
  21. Entangle
  22. Stun
  23. Tele-other Falador