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Watering can detail.png

Watering cans are used in the farming skill to water vegetables and flowers. It can hold 8 doses of water.

Watering allotment, flower, and hops patches with a watering can eliminate the risk of disease occurring at the end of that growth cycle. During the next growth cycle, the plant moves from being watered back to normal and becomes at risk for disease once more, unless it is watered again. Only allotment, flower, and hops patches may be watered.

They are also required to grow saplings, which are tree seeds in a plant pot.

After a player uses them up, it will need to be refilled at any water supply. If plants are not watered, they will probably die. Watered saplings can be dropped before they grow, if they are, they can grow on the ground, and be picked back up.

Players can withdraw unlimited amounts of watering cans from the Tool store 5.

Watering cans can be bought from any of the Farming shops for 8 coins, although need to be filled with water afterwards. They are also a rare drop from farmers.

Filled watering cans cannot be withdrawn from banks in notes.

Gricoller's can from the Tithe Farm minigame can hold 1,000 charges instead of 8 from a normal watering can.