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Watermelon detail.png

A watermelon is an item of food produced via the farming skill. They are grown at level 47 Farming by planting 3 watermelon seeds in an allotment patch, which yields 48.5 experience points. Watermelons take 1 hour and 20 minutes to grow. The amount of watermelons a crop yields is random, but depending on what compost was used, if any. Wielding magic secateurs during harvesting also increases the yield by 10%. 54.4 experience is awarded per watermelon harvested.

When planted in the corresponding flower patch, a nasturtium seed will help protect the growing watermelons from disease; alternatively, a gardener can be paid 10 curry leaves to watch over a watermelon plant and ensure it grows.

Like pineapples, watermelons cannot be consumed whole; players must first use a knife to cut the watermelon into three slices. Each slice heals 5% of your base Hitpoints level. At level 80 Hitpoints or higher, one watermelon will restore 15 Hitpoints assuming all three slices are consumed.

Thus, as a food source, watermelons are a cheaper alternative to conventional mid-range food items such as monkfish for those with at least level 80 Hitpoints. It is possible to have a near-full inventory of watermelons (leaving two slots open in which to receive the slices) and slice them when required. The drawback, however, is that a relatively lengthy animation plays when slicing a watermelon, preventing the player from any concurrent actions or movement for roughly two seconds. Consuming the entire watermelon is also done in three bites, which causes unnecessary delays during combat. This makes it more suitable to eat while training Thieving, since slicing a watermelon is one of a handful of actions that can be performed while stunned.

Other uses for watermelons include being used as an ingredient in summer pies, though players need level 95 Cooking to make these. When placed in a compost bin, watermelons are one of the cheapest items which will make supercompost. A watermelon is also used in the creation of a scarecrow (head). Players are able to pay 6 watermelons to a gardener to watch over a growing jangerberry bush, or 10 to watch over a growing pineapple tree.