Waydar chathead

Waydar is a gnome pilot who can take players to Crash Island in his military-grade gnome glider once it has been reactivated during Monkey Madness I.

To find Waydar the player must speak to Daero, the tree guardian on the first floor of the Grand Tree near the Blurberry bar. He will blindfold the player and bring it to the 'secret hangar' where Waydar resides.

While compliant to the player, it is revealed that he and G.L.O. Caranock are plotting together to complete Glough's plan to start a war between the Gnomes and the Humans. He believes that if Awowogei, the ruler of Ape Atoll, were to execute the members of the 10th Squad, he could successfully blame the humans of Karamja and begin a new Gnome-Human war. Fortunately, the 10th Squad overhear this and, working with the player, they manage to overcome the trap set for them and prevent Glough's plan from succeeding yet again.


  • Once a player discovers Waydar's plans, whenever they speak to him, Waydar says "Why are you looking at me like that?" to which the player responds "Oh, no reason..."

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