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Ice Mountain
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Port Sarim

The White Knights' Castle is the centre of Falador and base of the White Knights. It is occupied by the White Knights, knights loyal to Saradomin, who are a major political force in Asgarnia.

If you have done Recruitment Drive, you can talk to Sir Tiffy Cashien and make the castle your respawn point. According to the novel Betrayal at Falador, the castle is protected by mysterious spells, strong enough to repel the Morytanian werewolf, Jerrod, though in the present-day, minor demons such as imps can access it with ease, as can all human players, regardless of their godly allegiances (even if one wore a Zamorak robe, one can still enter the castle).





  • The castle houses four different types of White Knights, each type with a different coloured plume.
  • An egg spawns near the staircase.

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