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White Trees are a very rare species of tree in Gielinor. During the Fourth and Fifth Ages, they were nearly driven to extinction.


White Trees, amazingly, survived the God Wars, despite the massive destruction that covered the world at the time. Some speculate that this is because the wood cut from the trees is comparatively weak to other, more readily available wood types, and as such served little purpose in war engines.

During the Fourth and early Fifth Ages, White Trees were somewhat common, making them extremely popular in furniture and construction amongst the wealthy. The massive demand for this wood led to the species' near-extinction.

Garden of Tranquility

In the Year 169 of the Fifth Age, the only known White Tree survived atop Ice Mountain. However, having lived for hundreds or perhaps even thousands of years, it was nearing death.

During the Garden of Tranquility quest, players cut a shoot from the tree with secateurs, effectively killing it. However, they then plant it in the garden outside Varrock Palace, where it grows into a new, fruit-bearing tree. This action saves the tree from extinction.


  • The white tree refers to The White Tree of Gondor, from The Lord of the Rings novels.
  • After the quest Garden of Tranquility, players are able to pick up to four fruit from the white tree, which restores 17% energy. More fruit will appear on the tree after some time, like fruit trees grown in the Farming skill. To plant the tree you need to use a flowerpot first.
  • Players cannot grow a tree of their own; attempting to cut off another shoot a message comes up saying "You've finished the quest-Leave it alone!" However, it is possible to obtain another shoot by interacting with the tree on Ice Mountain after planting a shoot in the garden but not before it finishes growing.