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The various Wilderness rings are suitable for use with stab and crush weapons as they provide attack and defence bonuses for those weapon styles. The Ring of the Gods is also the best-in-slot for prayer bonus. They are dropped by different Wilderness bosses, namely Callisto, Venenatis and Vet'ion. The Wilderness rings are some of the few rings in Old School RuneScape to give stat bonuses towards stab and crush, and are also some of the most expensive.

Players can imbue the rings, increasing their stats, using 650,000 Nightmare Zone reward points. The ring of the gods will also require the holy wrench if one wishes to imbue it.

The rings

Ring Style Dropped by
Treasonous ring.png Treasonous ring Melee - Stab Venenatis
Tyrannical ring.png Tyrannical ring Melee - Crush Callisto
Ring of the gods.png Ring of the gods Prayer bonus Vet'ion

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