Willow shortbow (u) detail.png

A Willow shortbow (u) is cut from Willow logs at 35 fletching, granting 33.3 experience and 932.4 experience an inventory . An unstrung willow shortbow can be strung using a bowstring at 35 fletching, granting an additional 33.3 experience thus making a willow shortbow. However, to train, players may do better by waiting until level 55 fletching and using their bowstrings for maple longbows, due to the low value of willow shortbows. Because of the low price and ease of obtaining willow logs, cutting them into longbows, and gaining experience this way, there is currently an excess of willow longbow (u)s on the Grand Exchange. An Explorer's Ring can be helpful here as it will allow players to make the first 30 bows much more profitable than if they were to sell in the Grand Exchange thanks to its Low level alchemy charges.

It takes 15 seconds to string an inventory of 14 shortbows. With banking time, this means players can potentially string 3 inventories a minute, which is 180 inventories an hour, for 2,520 bows in total. This means that the experience gained per hour is roughly 83,916 Fletching experience.

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