A wily cat is a special variant of a pet cat, which players gain access to by completing the Ratcatchers quest. After completion, players can speak to Felkrash to have her train their overgrown cat into a wily cat. (Warning: After training your overgrown cat to be a wily cat, you will start from zero for the number of rats caught for the cat training medal.) Wily cats are the best hunters of any cat, with a success rate of 70%. In addition, they can also catch kalphite larvae and butterflies, though this yields no experience in Hunter for the player. Wily cats do not require food of any kind (Unless when fighting Hell-Rat Behemoth).

Players are only allowed to have one wily or lazy cat at a time, in addition to one kitten or adult cat, and as many overgrown cats as they wish. You may have multiple wily cats if you first store your existing wily cat in your menagerie before training another.

Interacting with your wily cat

While wily cats do not need attention like kittens do, the amount of attention they have received influences the dialogue when the wily cat is spoken to.

  • When asked how it is doing, an angry cat will hiss and complain that it hasn't been petted enough.
  • Once it has been petted enough, it will say that it is content, but wants to hunt more rats.
  • Once that need is satisfied, it will purr and say it is happy, but that the player shouldn't take this as a sign to start neglecting it again.

There is no benefit to a fully content wily cat.

Wily and lazy cats can be named by speaking with Felkrash. The name can be a combination of any six letters or spaces, but no numbers. Note that the name will be used in the RuneScape interface for every cat the player has, even kittens, adult cats, and overgrown cats.

Players can store both lazy and wily cats in their menageries.

Lazy cat

Lazy cat

A lazy cat walking.

After a random amount of time, usually under an hour, regardless of the amount of interactions performed, a wily cat will become a lazy cat. Lazy cats can only catch rats, and have around a 41% success rate.

They can be trained back into wily cats by performing a random amount of interactions with them, which includes playing with the cat with a ball of wool, sending it to chase rats, and stroking it.

It generally takes about 25 rats to transform a lazy cat of any type back into a wily cat, which can easily exceed the game play length of having a wily cat.

Wily cats will not become lazy while in a menagerie.


Colour Wily Lazy
Chathead NPC Chathead NPC
and white
Wily cat (white and black) chathead Wily cat (white and black) pet Lazy cat (white and black) chathead Lazy cat (white and black) pet
White Lazy cat (white) chathead Lazy cat (white) pet
Brown Wily cat (brown) chathead Wily cat (brown) pet Lazy cat (brown) chathead Lazy cat (brown) pet
Black Wily cat (black) chathead Wily cat (black) pet Lazy cat (black) chathead Lazy cat (black) pet
and grey
Lazy cat (white and brown) chathead Lazy cat (white and brown) pet
Grey Wily cat (white and blue) chathead Wily cat (white and blue) pet Lazy cat (white and blue) chathead Lazy cat (white and blue) pet

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