Wind Strike is a basic tier wind spell from the default spellbook available at level 1 Magic. Casting this spell requires 1 Air rune and 1 Mind rune.

The player is tasked with casting Wind Strike on a chicken by Terrova on Tutorial Island.

Wind Strike is the weakest spell in the game. As a result, it is rarely used after better spells such as Water Strike are unlocked. It has a maximum hit of 2, regardless of the caster's Magic level. Wind Strike is known to have poor accuracy compared to other magic attacks, and it fairly often deals 0 damage when successfully cast due to its low maximum hit.


Spell cost
1Air rune1Mind rune9
Combo runes
1Mind rune1Dust rune8
1Mind rune1Smoke rune63
1Mind rune1Mist rune97
1Mind runeStaff of air4
1Mind runeMist battlestaff4
1Mind runeDust battlestaff4
1Mind runeSmoke battlestaff4

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