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Start point Quest point icon Talk to Hetty in her house in Rimmington, south of Falador and west of Port Sarim.
Official difficulty Novice
Description Become one with your darker side. Tap into your hidden depths of magical potential by making a potion with the help of Hetty the Rimmington witch.
Length Short
Requirements The ability to defeat a level 1 Rat.
Items required
Enemies to defeat Rat (level 1)


Getting started

  • To start, talk to Hetty in her house in Rimmington. (Chat 11)

Obtaining the rat's tail

  • Kill a rat in the archery store directly west of Hetty to get a rat's tail.

Obtaining all other ingredients

  • Eye of newt: Buy from Betty for 3gp.
  • Burnt meat: Run to the chapel south of Port Sarim. Kill a giant rat and take raw rat meat. Run to the house north of Hetty. Use raw rat meat on range. If you accidentally cook the meat you can re-cook it on the range to burn it. (Don't accidentally eat the cooked meat!)
  • Onion: Pick from onion field north of Rimmington.

Finishing up

  • Talk to Hetty while carrying all four items.
  • Drink from the cauldron.
  • Congratulations! Quest complete!
Witch's Potion reward scroll

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