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Witchaven is a small village east of Ardougne. It provides access to the Fishing Platform and features heavily in the Sea Slug and Slug Menace quests. It is also a notable fishing spot.


To the west of Witchaven is Ardougne, where the nearest teleport spot is. The Legends' Guild is just to the north, and you can access the Fishing Platform by talking to Holgart or Jeb, depending on which quests you have completed.

Notable features

Fishing Shop

Main article: Lovecraft's Tackle

The fishing store owner Ezekial Lovecraft mentions his relatives were writers, and about his grandfather Howard. Howard Lovecraft was a famous horror writer.

Other notes

The people

  • Mayor Eustace Hobb - He's the mayor of Witchaven. He is also half fish, as he has gills and he is in league with Mother Mallum. He helped her gather the villagers so she can enslave them.
  • Colonel Jake O'Niall - He is a retired Temple Knight, and he had a key role in Slug Menace. After the quest, he becomes a slave of Mallum and disappears (as well as Mayor Hobb and Maledict).
  • Brother Maledict - He is the Saradominist priest, and owns the majestic cathedral. But, even a holy priest is succumbed to Mallum.
  • Ezekial Lovecraft - He owns the fishing store. He says his families were famous writers (like H.P. Lovecraft) and fishers.
  • Caroline - Her husband and child have gone missing on the Fishing Platform, and she is getting worried. Little does she know that the platform is under the control of the sea slugs.
  • Holgart - He takes people on rides to the Fishing Platform.
  • Jeb Wormwood - After Holgart's boat is confiscated by the mayor, Jeb now owns his boat and under the influence of Mallum.

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