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The Woodcutting Guild is a members-only guild located in a fenced area in the south-west corner of Great Kourend's Hosidius House. To enter, players must have a Woodcutting level of 60 (can be boosted) and 75% Hosidius House favour.

While inside the guild players receive an invisible +7 level boost to their Woodcutting. This boost will stack with any existing boosts the player already has[1], such as the visible +3 boost from using the dragon axe's special attack. However, the invisible boost will not allow a player to perform actions above their base level.




Chopping redwood

A group of players chopping redwood. The entrance to the upper level can be seen on the right tree.

Within the guild players can find the following types of trees:

Woodcutting Guild ent area

The ent habitat found underneath the Woodcutting Guild.

Ent habitat[]

Woodcutting Guild dungeon map

A map of the Woodcutting Guild dungeon.

22 Ents can be found in the dungeon below the guild. Ents, when defeated, leave behind an ent trunk which can be chopped for logs appropriate to the player's Woodcutting level. A bank is available in the south-west corner.


There is a sawmill available for use, which is much closer to the bank compared to the main sawmill north-east of Varrock.

Perry's Chop-chop Shop[]

Offering god eggs

A player offers bird's eggs to the shrine.

Perry's Chop-chop Shop is an axe shop that sells all types of axes, excluding dragon and black. This is the only place where players can purchase a rune axe from a shop. There is also a bank deposit box here, which is convenient for the 3 yew trees directly north of the shop and the 1 yew tree and several maple trees west of the shop.


Players can offer bird's eggs to the shrine to receive 100 Prayer experience and a bird nest, containing tree seeds and fruit tree seeds. In addition, there is a 1/300 chance of receiving a piece of the evil chicken outfit.



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