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Workshop built

A player sitting at the workbench in a fully built workshop room.

The Workshop in a player-owned house is a room where the player can create heraldic items, clockwork toys, and flatpack items as well as repair some degraded armour and gather an unlimited amount of specific tools from a tool store.

This room can be created with 15 Construction and 10,000 coins.

After building a workbench in the workshop, a player can create furniture in the form of a flatpack.


WorkbenchImageLevel requiredMaterialsMake FlatpacksExperience gained
Wooden workbenchWooden workbench icon175 Planks, 5 NailsUp to level 20143
Oak workbenchOak workbench icon325 Oak planksUp to level 40300
Steel framed workbenchSteel framed bench icon466 Oak planks, 4 Steel barsUp to level 60440
Bench with a viceBench with vice icon62Steel framed workbench, 2 Oak planks, 1 Steel barUp to level 80140
Bench with a latheBench with lathe icon77Bench with a vice, 2 Oak planks, 1 Steel barAny flatpackable item140

Crafting tables

WorkbenchImageLevel requiredMaterialsItems CraftableExperience gained
Crafting table 1Crafting table 1 icon164 Oak planksToy horsey, Wooden cat240
Crafting table 2Crafting table 2 icon25Crafting table 1, 1 Molten glassPrevious + Clockwork1
Crafting table 3Crafting table 3 icon34Crafting table 2, 2 Molten glassPrevious + Toy soldier, Toy doll, Clockwork suit2
Crafting table 4Crafting table 4 icon42Crafting table 3, 2 Oak planksPrevious + Sextant, Watch, Toy mouse, Clockwork cat120

Repair benches

WorkbenchImageLevel requiredMaterialsRepairExperience gained
Repair benchRepair bench icon152 Oak planksBroken arrows, Broken staves120
WhetstoneWhetstone icon354 Oak planks, 1 Limestone brickBroken arrows, Broken staves, Rusty swords260
Armour standArmour stand icon558 Oak planks, 1 Limestone brickArmour such as Barrows equipment, plus all of the above.500

Tool stores

WorkbenchImageLevel requiredMaterialsContainsExperience gained
Tool store 1Tool store 1 icon152 Oak planksSaws, Hammers, Chisels, Shears120
Tool store 2Tool store 2 icon25Tool store 1, 2 Oak planksBuckets, Knives, Spade, Tinderboxes120
Tool store 3Tool store 3 icon35Tool store 2, 2 Oak planksBrown aprons, Glassblowing pipes, Needles120
Tool store 4Tool store 4 icon44Tool store 3, 2 Oak planksAmulet-, Necklace-, Ring-, Holy symbol-, Bracelet-, and Tiara moulds120
Tool store 5Tool store 5 icon55Tool store 4, 2 Oak planksRakes, Spades, Trowels, Seed dibbers, Watering cans, Secateurs120

Heraldry stands

WorkbenchImageLevel requiredMaterialsMakesExperience gained
Pluming standPluming stand icon162 Oak planksHeraldic helmet120
Shield easelShield easel icon414 Oak planksHeraldic helmet, Heraldic kiteshield240
Banner easelBanner easel icon668 Oak planks and 2 Bolts of clothHeraldic helmet, Heraldic kiteshield,Banners510

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