X Marks the Spot

X Marks the Spot is a quest that was released on 7 February 2019.


Start point Quest point icon Speak to Veos in the The Sheared Ram (Pub) , North of Lumbridge Castle.
Official difficulty Novice
Length Short
Requirements None
Items required


Enemies to defeat None


Speak to Veos

The quest start location. To begin the quest, talk to the Veos In the The Sheared Ram (Pub), North of Lumbridge Castle,He informs you that he found a Scroll on Kourend that he would like help with. he will then hand you the scroll, which you can read.

Dig outside Bob's Axe Shop

XMarks Dig Bob
The Scroll Veos hands to you, will lead you to this spot, use the "dig" option on your Spade, to obtain the second scroll.


Dig behind Lumbridge Castle

XMarks Dig Lumbridge Castle
The Second scroll will lead you to behind Lumbridge Castle, Digging here will give you a Mysterious Orb.

Locating the next Dig

XMarks Orb Spot
Use the "Feel" option on the Mysterious Orb, to Locate the next spot which is just south of the Wheat Field in Draynor Village, and just north of the Village Jail.

you'll know you're on the spot when the "Feel" Option says: "The orb is visibly shaking and burns to the touch, This must be the spot.", You'll receive another Scroll.

Pig Pen

XMarks Dig PigPen
The next scroll tells you to go to the Pig Pen near "Martin the Master Gardener",

Digging here will give you an "Ancient Casket"

Speak to Veos

Veos Quest End
Speak to Veos just south of the Pub in Port Sarim

Congratulations, Quest Complete!


  • Beginner Clue Scroll

Required for completing

The completion of X Marks the Spot is a requirement to complete the following:

  • None


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