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Yaks are found on the island of Neitiznot. To access yaks, players must have started The Fremennik Isles quest and completed The Fremennik Trials quest. Yaks are very popular for training Combat as they have very low Defence and high Hitpoints for their level.

To be able to train on them, you must do the first part of the quest which is giving the ores to the King and the raw tuna to the cat, then you're able to access Neitiznot.


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Bones Bones 1 Always 89
Yak-hide Yak-hide 1 Always 141
Hair Hair 1 Always 151
Raw yak meat Raw yak meat 1 Always 47


  • Upon attempting to use an item on a yak, the game message "The cow doesn't want that." appears in chat.
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