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Yt-HurKot is a TzHaar monster that appears in both the Fight Caves and the Inferno.


  • In the Fight Caves you can expect to see level 108 Yt-HurKot's.
  • In the Inferno you can expect to see level 141 Yt-HurKot's.

In both cases, they appear when their respective Jads (TzTok-Jad in the Fight Cave and JalTok-Jad in the Inferno) reach half health. For TzTok-Jad, four Yt-HurKot will appear for it. For JalTok-Jad, five will appear for the lone Jad in wave 67 and three each for the three Jads in wave 68.

They will heal Jad if they are within 4 squares of Jad, but will stop healing if interrupted.

The healers can be killed, but will respawn if they are not killed before Jad reaches full health from healing.

Popular methods include:

  • Attracting the healers' attention, running through Jad at a timed interval, therefore getting the healers stuck behind Jad, trying to attack the player.
  • Getting the healers' attention quickly, as to not let Jad regain much health, then proceeding to kill the healers. (south east spawn can allow the player to safely take the healers to the north east corner to kill them)
  • Getting the healers' attention and then lining them up so that only one healer can attack the player.

How to distract the Yt-HurKot (Fight Caves)

Green indicates where TzTok-Jad is.
Yellow indicates where the Yt-HurKots are.
Cyan indicates where you are.

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