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This article is about the holiday item. For the Treasure Trail reward, see zombie head (Treasure Trails).

Zombie head chathead.png

Zombie heads can be obtained by completing one of the Hallowe'en holiday events that occur once per year. This also rewards the player with all other holiday items associated with Hallowe'en.

A player can recover their lost zombie head by digging in the Lumbridge Swamp with a spade, talking to Diango in Draynor Village, or by searching their toy box in their POH costume room.

Throughout the summer of 2013, Jagex dropped specific rares for a week before moving on to other rares. During the week of 26 August, zombie heads were dropped at various locations, but only one at a time was dropped on every world. There was no red dot on the minimap. The zombie head would remain on the ground for 30 minutes, or until a player picked it up, then it would respawn somewhere else in RuneScape.


Players can right-click the head to "Talk-At", "Display", "Question", "Use", "Drop", or "Examine".


A player talking at a zombie head

When a player clicks the "Talk-At" option, they perform an emote. The player will kneel with their right knee on the ground. The player will then hold the zombie head from the neck stub so that it is facing them. All the while, the player will be saying, "Alas!".


A player displaying a zombie head

When a player clicks the "Display" option, they perform an emote. The player will swing their left arm back and thrust forward their right arm. In their right hand, the player will hold the zombie head (facing away from the player) by the neck stub so as to show it off. All the while, the player will be saying, "Mwuhahahaha!"


When a player clicks the "Question" option, a list of five questions will appear. When clicked on, the player will ask the question, and the player and zombie head will become engaged in conversation.


There is currently one known purpose for the "Use Zombie head" option. There is a unique dialogue that takes place by using the zombie head on Dr. Fenkenstrain during the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest.


  • The examine text are references to the famous Shakesperean tragedy, Hamlet. In one scene, Hamlet finds the remains of a friend of his and performs a soliloquy with the skull, one line being the famous (and often misquoted) "Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio."
  • The Zombie Head's alleged name, Edward Cranium, may be a reference to Eddie The Head, Iron Maiden's mascot.