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Zombie protesters are found on Braindeath Island protesting for rum. The factory had shut down. The protesters are part of Captain Donnie's crew. They are the reason of the brewers of Captain Braindeath cowering, scared to leave the factory as they will be torn to pieces by the zombies outside. All of the zombies have big signs with bottles of 'rum' on them. They will follow players if they get in range.

Their slogans of "United we stagger!" and "Give us yer rum, ye scurvy dog!" are enough to petrify even the hardiest of pirate brewers.


  • Their examine information, "Sticking it to 'The Man'", is likely a reference to the comedy film School of Rock. It may also be a reference to protesters in the 1960s, where "The Man" is the government.
  • There is a glitch where when they walk, their posts tend to fling around. This has been fixed.
  • They will yell out "Give us rum, or give us death!" which is a reference to Patrick Henry's "Give me liberty, or give me death!"