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Zorgoth is a Dragonkin, who appears during the Dragon Slayer II quest.


One of the Dragonkin, Zorgoth was aligned with the pacifist Dragonkin, who did not succumb completely to the Curse, instead searching for a cure.

During the Dragonkin Conflicts, he created Vorkath, though he abandoned it on Ungael because it did not have the aggression that he desired. Later on, he was in Lithkren when Robert the Strong and his allies attacked, forcing him to activate its emergency protocol. Zorgoth had hoped for his fellow Dragonkin to have freed him, but they did not; one had tried to free him, but was killed by Robert and his allies. He began to create a special dragon and named it Galvek, the Dragonkin word for "Fate". His hatred of humanity also began to grow, because humanity had painted him as a dangerous being even though he was peaceful.

Eventually, he would be freed from the Vault when an adventurer, with Bob (Robert the Strong's incarnation) and Dallas Jones searched the Vault to learn more about dragons. He told the intruders about Galvek and what it meant, and was somewhat surprised to see that Robert was now a cat. He then had Galvek break free and run rampant, killing Dallas in the process before heading out to Ungael, amassing a large draconic army that consisted of chromatics (standard and brutal) and metallic dragons.

The human nations of Gielinor, seeing the threat that Zorgoth and Galvek posed to humanity, banded together to stop his forces. They took heavy casualties; however, in the end, Zorgoth was killed when his own creation unintentionally incinerated him in a final attempt to kill the adventurer.