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{{Infobox non-player character
|name = Zorgoth
|image = [[File:Zorgoth.png|120px]]
|race = [[Dragonkin]]
|release = 4 January [[2018]]
|update = Dragon Slayer II
|members = Yes
|quest = [[Dragon Slayer II]]
|gender = Male
|location = [[Lithkren]]
|shop = No
|examine = This can't end well.}}[[File:Zorgoth chathead.png|left]]
'''Zorgoth''' is a [[Dragonkin]], who appears during the [[Dragon Slayer II]] quest.
One of the [[Dragonkin]], Zorgoth was aligned with the pacifist Dragonkin, who did not succumb completely to the Curse, instead searching for a cure.
During the Dragonkin Conflicts, he created [[Vorkath]], though he abandoned it on [[Ungael]] because it did not have the aggression that he desired. Later on, he was in [[Lithkren]] when [[Robert the Strong]] and his allies attacked, forcing him to activate its emergency protocol. Zorgoth had hoped for his fellow Dragonkin to have freed him, but they did not; [[Dragonkin (Dragon Slayer II)|one]] had tried to free him, but was killed by Robert and his allies. He began to create a special dragon and named it [[Galvek]], the Dragonkin word for "Fate". His hatred of humanity also began to grow, because humanity had painted him as a dangerous being even though he was peaceful.
Eventually, he would be freed from the Vault when an adventurer, with [[Bob (cat)|Bob]] (Robert the Strong's incarnation) and [[Dallas Jones]] searched the Vault to learn more about [[dragons]]. He told the intruders about Galvek and what it meant, and was somewhat surprised to see that Robert was now a cat. He then had Galvek break free and run rampant, killing Dallas in the process before heading out to [[Ungael]], amassing a large draconic army that consisted of [[Chromatic dragons|chromatics]] (standard and [[Brutal dragon|brutal]]) and [[metallic dragons]].
The human nations of [[Gielinor]], seeing the threat that Zorgoth and Galvek posed to humanity, banded together to stop his forces. They took heavy casualties; however, in the end, Zorgoth was killed when his own creation unintentionally incinerated him in a final attempt to kill the adventurer.
{{Dragon Slayer II}}

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