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{{Infobox non-player character
|name = Zul-Aniel
|image = [[File:Zul-Aniel.png|120px]]
|race = [[Human]]
|release = 8 January [[2015]]
|update = Zulrah - The Solo Snake Boss
|members = Yes
|quest = No
|location = [[Zul-Andra]]
|shop = No
|gender = Male
|examine = He served King Tyras before he found a new master.
|map = [[File:Zul-Areth location.png]]
[[File:Zul-Aniel chathead.png|left]]
'''Zul-Aniel''' is a [[Tyras guard]] who, along with [[Zul-Areth]], were sent out in a scouting party by [[General Hining]].
Getting separated from the rest of the guards, they soon ran out of rations, and both stumbled upon [[Zul-Andra]], where they were forced to worship [[Zulrah]] in order to eat the [[sacred eel]]s.
Because of the eel's effects, which forces any group to reject the eater except the Zul-Andra tribe, they were forced to stay in Zul-Andra. However, the Tyras guard state that they removed the two because they thought the two had gone mad and did not want it to spread throughout camp.

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